Help! Who do I contact about....?

Find out who to contact for various service areas in the SDSU College of Education. Also, find contacts to other faculty and staff resources on campus.

Service Area (in alphabetical order) Primary Contact Other Contact
Accessibility, campus access Student Ability Success Center SDSU Facilities
Accessibility, instructional ITS Universal Design for Learning  
Accessibility, websites Manny Uribe  
Advising (Undergraduate & Preliminary Credential) Office for Student Success Lisa McCully
Audio/Visual Equipment, Instructional ITS Equipment Checkout  
Audio/Visual Equipment, Labs and Conference Rooms Gregg Koyamatsu  
Assessment Nina Potter  
Assessment Tools (scantron, Blackboard, audience response system, etc.) ITS Faculty Instructional Technology (FIT) Center  
Blackboard Andrea Saltzman Martin  
Branding Mike Klitzing  
Budget, Analysis Julie White  
Budget, Operations Elsa Tapia  
Classroom Scheduling Department Coordinator Elsa Tapia
Classroom, Smart Classroom Support ITS Learning Spaces & Faculty Support  
Commencement Jackie Fuller Lisa McCully
Committees, College-wide Rachel Fine Karen Myers-Bowman
Computers, Technology Equipment Ed Dial  
Computer Labs Gregg Koyamatsu  
Conference Room, Scheduling Department Coordinator Alyssa Ancheta
Conference Room, AV Support Gregg Koyamatsu Technology Help Desk
Credit Extension Course Proposals, CES Rachel Fine Karen Myers-Bowman
Curriculum Proposals/CurriCUNET Rachel Fine Karen Myers-Bowman
Data Management Sandra Kahn  
Department Coordinator (ARPE) Leesa Brockman  
Department Coordinator (CFD) KJ Bobczynski  
Department Coordinator (CSP) Catrina Fuentes  
Department Coordinator (DLE) Esmeralda Cortes  
Department Coordinator (EDL) Rachael Stewart  
Department Coordinator (SPED) Luz Torres  
Department Coordinator (STE) Teresa Ramírez-Velásquez  
Email Marketing & Automation, Templating (iModules) Manny Uribe Mike Klitzing
Events, College-wide Marilyn Bredvold  
Facilities Services (Maintenance/Repairs) Department Coordinator  
Faculty & Staff Directory, College-wide Rachel Fine  
Faculty Course Evaluations Department Coordinator Patricia Lozada-Santone
Faculty Overload (Foundation) Elsa Tapia  
Faculty Travel Allocations Rachel Fine Karen Myers-Bowman
Front Desk, Dean's Office Alyssa Ancheta  
Grants and Contracts (Foundation) Proposals Karen Myers-Bowman  
Grants, Letters of Support Marilyn Bredvold  
Graphic Design (instructional & promotional) ITS Graphic Design  
Instructional Design Andrea Saltzman Martin  ITS Instructional Design
Instructionally Related Activity (IRA) Funding Patricia Lozada-Santone  
International Programs & Global Cultural Experiences Coordinators (COE) Sarah Maheronnaghsh Jacki Booth
International J-1 Exchange Visitor Program Rachel Fine  
Key Issuance Department Coordinator Alyssa Ancheta
Maintenance/Repairs, College-wide Department Coordinator Alyssa Ancheta
Marketing & Communications Mike Klitzing  
Master Teacher Agreements (MTA) Department Coordinator Alyssa Ancheta
Multimedia Design, Recruitment Videos & Faculty Headshots Mike Klitzing Video Assistant: Nolan Voge
Network Issues Ed Dial  
Newsletter, Informed & Inspired Mike Klitzing  
Open Educational Resources (OER) ITS Affordable Learning Solutions  
Periodic Evaluations, Faculty Rachel Fine Karen Myers-Bowman
Personnel Matters, College-wide Karen Myers-Bowman Rachel Fine
Phone Directory, College-wide Rachel Fine  
Postbaccalaureate Credit Requests Patricia Lozada-Santone  
Publishing, print & digital (course readers, books, thesis and dissertations) Montezuma Publishing  
Publishing, print marketing materials SDSU Reprographics  
Qualtrics Survey Software Accounts, College-wide Elsa Tapia  
Reappointment/Tenure/Promotion (RTP) Rachel Fine Karen Myers-Bowman
Recruitment, Student Jackie Fuller Lisa McCully
Room Reservations (one-time meetings) Department Coordinator Alyssa Ancheta
Sabbaticals/Difference-in-Pay Leaves Rachel Fine Karen Myers-Bowman
Safety Coordinators Department Coordinator Alyssa Ancheta
Security, Computer and Technological Ed Dial Karen Myers-Bowman
Service Learning Agreements (SLA) Rachel Fine Karen Myers-Bowman
Social Media Mike Klitzing  
Software Ed Dial  
Special Sessions, College of Extended Studies Rachel Fine Karen Myers-Bowman
Student Assistant, Appointment of Department Coordinator Alyssa Ancheta
Student Grievances Patricia Lozada-Santone  
Student Success Fee/IRA Department Coordinator Patricia Lozada-Santone
Teaching with Technology Lab (North Education 275) Gregg Koyamatsu  
Technology Help Desk, College-wide Help Desk Assistant: Julio Gallego Ed Dial
Travel Requests (T2s)/Reimbursements Department Coordinator Alyssa Ancheta
University Grants Program (UGP) Rachel Fine Karen Myers-Bowman
Video Capture, instructional ITS Capture  
Video Production, Instructional ITS Video Production  
Video Production, Marketing Mike Klitzing Video Assistant: Nolan Voge
Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) Technologies ITS Faculty Instructional Technology (FIT) Center Support  
Visitor Parking Permits Department Coordinator Alyssa Ancheta
Web Content Management System Training and Support (Toolbox & OU Campus) Manny Uribe  
Web Content Updates Department or Program Web Content Manager Manny Uribe
Web Content Updates, Admissions Melanie Falkenberg  

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